The Center for Children’s Rights with a developed Service Methodology

Experts of IGA Fund have developed a Methodology for the specialized service “Center for counseling and legal assistance for children”, based on the rich experience of the organization and the implementation of similar projects. Forms have been developed for the methodology, allowing the teams to document their activities.

The methodology regulates the process of providing the specialized service, which is in accordance with the existing criteria and standards for children, as well as the basic provisions of the methodologies for children at risk and the regulatory framework.

The purpose of the document is to ensure quality and assess the current situation with Roma children who do not attend school or attend irregularly. It allows to identify the different types of children with problematic school attendance, as well as the factors that influence the level of attendance. Through it, it can be assessed which measures to support regular school attendance are effective and which new ones can be introduced to improve the situation. The problem with Roma children who are in conflict with the law is similar.

The methodology is the main document according to which the three Centers (on the territory of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Lom) were created and function. It contains a detailed description of the various activities and aims to comprehensively present the process of provision and use of the service, while at the same time formulating the specific rights and responsibilities of all participants in this process: provider, social service teams and users.