1. Roma-Lom Foundation

Roma-Lom Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Bulgaria in November 1996 under the Law on Individuals and Families, which works to empower and improve the social emancipation of disadvantaged groups in the region of North-West Bulgaria, with special attention to the development of the Roma community. The foundation was created by a group of like-minded people from the Roma community in Lom, who worked as an informal group for two years.

The mission of the Roma-Lom Foundation is to stimulate the process of empowerment of excluded groups and social emancipation of disadvantaged communities. The organization works for the integration and social emancipation of disadvantaged communities, regardless of their ethnicity. The emphasis falls on the development of the Roma community, because it is in the worst situation and at the same time it is the most numerous.


  1. Regional Development Foundation “Roma” – Plovdiv

Foundation for Regional Development “Roma” is the first Roma non-governmental organization in the country. It was established in 1992 as the Roma Social Assistance Foundation. In 1995, the Foundation re-registered, expanding the scope of its work and including the settlements of the Plovdiv region.

From the very registration, until the present moment, FRR “Roma” works actively both in the “Stolipinovo” district and in a network with organizations from 17 settlements of the region. More than 30 projects have been implemented related to increasing the education of the Roma community, social assistance, economic development and the preservation of the Roma way of life, traditions and culture.


  1. Save a child – Norway

SAVE A CHILD is a non-profit organization, neutral in terms of political and religious beliefs, aiming to improve the livelihood of voiceless and less privileged children by promoting their rights and empowering their lives, especially those in less developed countries.

Through sponsorships, grants and donations, the organization provides platforms to ensure a world where children are free from violence, enable them to live healthy lives, have access to education and economically sustainable lives.

Mission: Providing personal attention and direct benefits to children, youth, seniors and their families so they can live with dignity, achieve their desired potential and participate fully in society.