Online meeting with partners from Save a child – Norway

Four online meetings with the participation of all project partners are planned as one of the key activities. Topics and issues related to the development of the project, discussion of the main products – studies, analyses, consultations, service profiles, training of teams and institutions, as well as other current issues are planned in the meeting program.

The purpose of the meetings with the partner organization from Norway, which works in an area similar in focus to the current project, is to support the achievement of the general and specific objectives of the project through the development of bilateral cooperation.

At the meeting with the partners from Norway at the end of last year, the expert Joshua Wako and the chairman Mansour Kalema participated on their side. Joshua Wako presented a report with feedback and recommendations regarding the analyzes prepared by the Bulgarian experts and the methodology based on them. The meeting continued with a discussion on the topic, and ended with a discussion of technical and coordination issues.

Other activities related to the Norwegian partner are the preparation of a Report of the study of Norway’s experience in the provision of services to children in contact with the law, the provision of consultations and recommendations by the partner on the development of the project and the main problems to be solved, as and an online presentation of partners at the final project conference.