Information forum presents a survey

An information day on the Project “Specialized services for children from Roma communities in conflict or contact with the law” was held at the beginning of last week in Pazardzhik. Within the framework of the event, the sociologist-analyst Tihomir Bezlov and other project experts presented the results of Activities 1 and 2 of the project: Research in the three Roma communities and Analysis of the potential and conducting a consultative process in the three regions.

Various methods were used for the study: Cabinet study – study of available documentation in the three municipalities, reports, strategic documents, reports of institutions, existing social services and educational structures, regarding their potential and the need for such services; Questionnaires and cards used to collect the necessary information; Interviews with representatives of institutions, Roma activists and potential users of the service; Field work through pre-arranged visits to the three municipalities to gather information.

Tikhomir Bezlov’s analysis caused great interest. The most lively discussion was about school attendance. Representatives of various institutions commented on the deeper and systemic problems leading to the absence of children from school – the motivation of educational institutions to keep their students at all costs because of the delegated budgets, the lack of understanding and cooperation on the part of parents, the lack of effective sanctions and other legal tools to motivate students and families.

The forum was attended by representatives of the District Prosecutor’s Office, Pazardzhik, the District Court, Pazardzhik, Regional Education Department, Regional Police Department, Local Juvenile Delinquency Commission, media and social services from Pazardzhik.

Project “Specialized services for children from Roma communities in conflict or contact with the law” is financed by the “Justice” Program of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, and partners in its implementation are Crime Prevention Fund IGA, the Foundation “Roma- Lom”, Regional Development Foundation “Roma”, Plovdiv and Save a child – Norway.