Consultative process in the three Roma communities

In the period March-April 2023, within the framework of the project, the planned Consultative process was held in the three Roma communities – Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Lom.

Its main goal was to create a suitable environment for introducing and developing an effective integrated approach aimed at improving the status and opportunities of children in contact with the law in the three Roma communities in Bulgaria, in line with the general objective of the project.

The main tasks within this activity were several. First of all, to increase cooperation with local institutions and stakeholders in the three municipalities and increase their capacity to work with children in contact with the law. The next step aimed at identifying like-minded people to support the cause among the local communities in the Roma neighborhoods of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Lom. This created prerequisites for building working channels for communication and real partnership with representatives of institutions and organizations that are important for the quality presentation and development of services.

The main approach in conducting the consultation process was the maximum use of the resources of the three partner organizations and their authority among the respective community and neighborhood.

A preliminary survey of key stakeholders and individuals was also done, and meeting and consultation lists were drawn up, followed by field meetings.

All information from the consultation process was summarized in the report, with relevant conclusions and recommendations. It also became the main basis for the structuring of the three services.