Center for counseling and legal assistance for children in Stolipinovo district

Since April, a Center for counseling and legal assistance for children has been operating in Plovdiv. It is housed in the “East” district (Stolipinovo), in the office of the “ROMA – Plovdiv” Regional Development Foundation, and a special team has been appointed for its operation.

Over the past months, the Center has been working with users who need support to deal with behavioral difficulties and problems. Some of the users are children who have deviant behavior and some, who have already become parents. Services are provided to children and their relatives in connection with their dropping out of the education system. There are also open cases of children with petty antisocial behavior.

The Center’s team has undergone initial and ongoing training. An expert of the beneficiary periodically monitors the services.

One of the aims of the service is to work to change society’s attitudes about building perspectives for children from vulnerable communities in contact or conflict with the law.