Banners, posters and leaflets promote the project

During the development of the project proposal, a Communication Plan was created, the purpose of which is to contribute to the achievement of the project’s objectives. In addition to an opening press conference and a closing conference, it also includes holding information days (to present the results of the studies and popularize the services among the Roma community), an information web page of the project and its presentation on social media. Information materials – banners, posters and leaflets – have been prepared and printed, and are distributed in the three regions of the project.

The study of available literature continues – reports, strategic documents, reports of institutions, social services and educational structures, Roma mediators and Roma organizations, religious communities, etc. It should establish the potential of organizations and institutions and the need for specialized services to for children in conflict and contact with the law. The two experts of the partners are actively assisting the research experts in locating the available information. A list of institutions, organizations, people and places to be visited by the experts working on the activity has been drawn up. Several meetings have already been held.