Analysis of the needs and potential

Through this activity, using maximally objective information and analysis, the creation of the three specialized services for working with children in conflict and contact with the law was supported. It was carried out by two experts of Fund IGA, who prepared a Report – analysis of the needs and potential in the three regions for the implementation of the intended specialized services. The analysis focuses on two main problems among Roma children: the deviant behavior of part of the children from the Roma neighborhoods that results into conflict with the law, and the irregular attendance at school, accidental attendance or complete absence/ drop out.

The activity went through four stages. Initially, the two experts prepared the design of the study, in which the main issues, key institutions and key Roma leaders and organizations were identified. The experts studied all available documentation in the three municipalities regarding the potential and the need for such services – studies, reports, strategic documents, reports of institutions, existing social services and educational structures, active Roma mediators and Roma organizations, religious communities in Roma neighborhoods and any other relevant information. A list of institutions, organizations, people and places to be visited was also drawn up.

All the information was summarized and analyzed in the Report – an analysis, with relevant summaries, conclusions and recommendations, which supported the creation of the specialized centers in the three regions.